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Terms & Conditions

The following limitations on the liability of Pattaya House Co., Ltd apply on this website, as well as, on all email communication as well as newsletters. This website has been prepared by Pattaya House Co., Ltd as part of its advertising activities with the purpose of providing general information only. 

Pattaya House Co. Ltd does not guarantee, warrant or represent that the displayed information on this website and in its marketing materials are correct. All and any interested parties should undertake its own enquiries in regards to the accuracy of the information.

Pattaya House Co. Ltd excludes all implied and inferred terms, warranties and conditions which arise from this information and excludes all liability for damage and loss arising from it.


Whereas we do monitor all incoming and outgoing emails, we can not guarantee that emails are virus free prior to being sent from our computer system.
Recepients of any electronic information from Pattaya House Co. Ltd should do its own check up of received communication from us to ensure that no harmful components are being received. We don not accept responsibility for any damage or loss any virus may cause on your computer system.